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Your Child’s First Cell Phone – Set the Rules & Their Responsibilities

There has been researching which shows that nearly every child allowed a cell phone to be in their room during the night time is going to pick up on those late-night texts, and the majority of those have also sent text on some nights. Did you know that only 4% of children owning a cell phone believe their child texts while driving? Yet, 45% of all teen openly admits to texting and driving! 

Furthermore, only 11% of the parents have any suspiciousness at all that their children have received, forwarded, and sent sexual texts or photos, yet there has been 41% of the children have admitted to doing this. Studies performed have shown that the pressure on your children to send “sexual” photo’s using their phones begins on average in the fifth grade. Did you know that your children are exposed to pornography for the first time on an average of 8 years of age? 

Also, there is more than half of the world’s population of children will admit to being addicted to having a cell phone and say they are worried that they could be using them more than they should. The parents of these kids (s) agree with them. In fact, 36% of these parents have stated that they argue with their children daily regarding their cell phones.

We know from our own experiences that it takes self-discipline to responsibly manage to have a mobile phone. Most kid(s) are not responsible enough to take that kind of responsibility on, especially not before they’re in middle school, and like I tried to point out, some not even then. Furthermore, children in middle school are known to not have the amount of impulse control as adults. Therefore, their prefrontal cortex has not yet fully developed. 

Our children face enough stress and peer pressure, making it difficult for them to manage all the temptations they receive through sexting, social media, and not to mention all the addictive games you find on the computer these days. Giving a child a cell phone that they can do whatever they like is not much different than if you handed them street drugs and left the room! Both things are addictive, even for adults, so what makes parents think that their child (at their age) is stronger than we are?

Whether or not you feel your child has learned to be responsible is irrelevant here; you are still going to be concerned when they think they’re ready for their own cell phone. This is a device that will allow you and your child to stay in touch with one another during the times you are not both at home (not together), and yes, it makes you feel a little better to know that if your child should need a ride or is in trouble, they have a way to get a hold of you. 

On the other hand, it is also a reminder that your child is starting to spend some of their time away from you, and there are times it may feel like they are miles away, and there are no other adults around to supervise. Of course, the worse part of it is that it is a reminder of the bad things that could happen, but keep in mind that this is where you get to test how responsible your child really is. If they call you to come to get them, you will know, unless, of course, they’re not in any trouble!

The kid(s) are not the problem today. In fact, studies have shown that in today’s world, our teenagers are more responsible than they were in my day when it comes to drugs, sex, and drinking, including driving while drinking. The real problem today would be cell phones, as smartphones have shed not only a new light on our children but only new dangers.

Supervision and communicating is a good thing, and we must think positive, that these two things, supervision and communicating will lessen the unwanted risks.

You Ask How?

Your Child Should Not Have a Cell Phone Before They Are Truly Ready!

Letting your kid(s) own a cell phone too early or before they are ready for the responsibilities of owning a cell phone is only putting more on their plate than they are ready for. I can understand that most parents feel that it is a good idea for a child who must walk to the bus stop and wait around for the bus, and especially if the bus leaves just as they are getting there, and they need a ride. 

I also understand that some parents would feel more comfortable if their child had a mobile phone if they are walking to school alone for their safety. However, you cannot be certain that your child is going to obey the rules and regulations that you listed and went over with them. Maybe they will remember which app is alright to download, and maybe they will also be able and not to let their friends talk them into doing things on the cell phone that they know is on the list of rules.

I hope that the parents reading this will at least take into consideration that they can give their child a device that limits what they do, unlike a smartphone. They have them available that they cannot use for going online or for calls that the parent does not authorize.

Parental Control Should Be Used

Note to parents: In today’s modern world, they have parental control apps, and they are compatible with any phone. This means you can control who your child calls, texts, and emails, and you can also control whether they can go online or not.

Know and Understand Your Kid(s)

There is research that has shown that anytime children are having issues with the technology of any type, it is usually due to them having issues that go far beyond technology. What we are talking about here are issues that could appear or show up infinitely.

Talk with your kid(s) about this, for they believe it is alright to send others nude photos through messages or emails. Let them know that it could show up later in life. For instance, let us say that one day your child runs for president, and about the time they are about to get all the votes, one of their nude pictures pops up out of nowhere. Well, your child did not get voted in as the next president!