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Top Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms

Who doesn’t want a clean home? Sometimes, it just isn’t possible to maintain a clean home 24/7, and that is why cleaning tips for busy moms come in handy. From running errands to ensuring the kids don’t get hurt on a daily basis, on top of everything else, a clean home is often no longer a top priority. However, studies have shown a clean home is a happy home! 

The following are some of the top cleaning tips for busy moms to help you keep a clean home in less time.

  • Routines

It is important to have a routine for cleaning your home. Having a routine makes it easier to stick to, you know what you will be doing, when it will be done, and routines tend to get quicker with time. If you have little ones at home, give them a routine to follow too while you do the cleaning. 


  • Stocking Up

If you are really short on time, you may have to clean an area here and there while you’re passing by. Instead of having a supply cabinet, stock up on your common cleaning materials and have a spot in various areas of the house. For instance, the kitchen and bathroom(s). This allows you to easily grab, clean, and go on about your day. 


  • Picking Up, Plus Cleaning

As mothers, multi-tasking becomes second nature, and there is no reason not to incorporate that into cleaning. While you are cleaning an area, take that time to also grab things and put them away. You may find that missing sock behind the couch while dusting or missing toys under a chair. 

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

This is a great multi-purpose supply to have on hand. It can be used in a spray bottle for sores and cuts or for cleaning toilets, windows, mirrors, or other surfaces. 

  • Washing Toys With Laundry Bags

Toys can get rather dirty, and cleaning them one at a time takes too long. Instead, grab a mesh laundry bag, put the toys in and toss them in the washer. Of course, avoid putting anything with an on/off switch in the washer. 

  • Use That Vacuum

Sweeping takes too long, instead grab the vacuum. Most tend to have different settings for different types of floors, including wood. If you have the funds, a robot vacuum can save even more time; simply set it to start doing its thing at a certain time in the morning and go on to the next thing on your list!


  • Pillowcases On The Fan

If you are cleaning fan blades and you do not want a bigger mess, use pillowcases. Simply drop them over the blades, and wipe them down. The dust will fall into the pillowcase, which you can empty and then wash with the next load of laundry. 


  • Removing Pet Hair

If you have pets, lint rollers will be your best friend. Leave some around the house, especially in the living room, and use them to quickly pick up pet hair. Add one in the car to use prior to getting out as well; you’ll thank yourself later. 

  • Cleaning The Iron

If you find that your iron has scorch marks and black stuff on it, there’s a solution. Simply turn it to steam, then iron salt. This will help you quickly remedy the issue. 


  • Use Newspapers On Mirrors

Mirrors are one of those annoying surfaces to clean because it seems nearly impossible to do without leaving streaks behind. Grab an old newspaper, wad it up and use it with your favorite glass cleaner. Another option is to use a squeegee. Paper towels are designed more for picking up and absorbing, not leaving streak-free finishes. 

  • Water Stains

If you run into an issue with water stains, you can cut lemons to rub on the area. Leave it, so the acid has time to work and rinse. It will help eat away at the stain and make cleaning much easier and faster than ever before! 

  • Old Toothbrushes

You can use old toothbrushes for those hard-to-reach areas, such as garbage disposal. After all, you don’t want to stick your hand down there, but a toothbrush can help get some of the dirty buildups off. Afterward, spray it with lemon juice or toss a lemon slice or two down, and it will help with the smell. 

  • Cleaning Wood

If you find markers or crayons on your wooden table or walls, it is not the end of the world. Try rubbing it with some toothpaste, and it may come right off. 

  • Scrubbing the Oven

Empty the oven, and put a layer of baking soda on the surfaces, and spray with vinegar. Let it soak while you work on your list; come back and wipe it down for an easy, quick, clean oven! 

  • Cleaning the Carpet

Another use of peroxide is removing protein-based stains out of the carpet. If you find a stain is not wanting to come out with peroxide, you can try Spot Shot or Windex on it, put a towel over the spot, and then iron it lightly. 

  • Cleaning Vents

Many times vents are ignored because they are annoying to clean. However, dirty vents spread dust all over the house. You can easily clean them with an old shirt or towel and a butter knife. Simply place it over the vent, and use the knife to slide down the slots, and you’re done. 

  1. Prioritize Your Duties

This is the most important, right up there with creating a routine – prioritize. The home does not have to be perfectly cleaned all day, every day, do what you can, and if there’s a day you fall behind, remember it happens. If you prioritize the important things first, then if you do fall behind, it will be on the less important areas.