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The Time to Potty Train Your Child Will Come Naturally!

The truth of the matter is that potty training does not have to be difficult; giving too much thought to it just seems to make it seem so; the fact is that it can be relatively easy. It does not have to be a struggle between who is going to get their way (the parent or the child). 

Furthermore, when the time comes that your child appears to be interested in how the grownups and older siblings use the bathroom, they will begin to show it by checking to see what you are doing and asking questions. That is one way to know they are ready to be potty trained, as it just creeps up on the child naturally.

So, you can now understand that this is a natural process and that you can get through this without all that stress. If you would like to be a part of the child learning to go potty, that is wonderful, and I am certain your child would prefer that as well. You could place a child-size potty alongside the regular toilet in your bathroom, and your child will gradually begin using it.

The Following Is a Guide to Getting Your Child Potty Trained:

  • Place a child’s potty chair in every bathroom

By having a potty chair in all the bathrooms, your child will be able to experience sitting on it whenever they want. Yes, even those times they come in to talk to you when they are in there.

  • Our Little Ones Are Going to Imitate What We Do

It would help if you were to have conversations with your child when they follow you into the bathroom and explain what it is you do in there. It is a known fact that children try to imitate the things they see their parents do, and this way it gives the child the opportunity to sit on the potty, just like you!

  • Read a Book to Your Child on Potty Training

Pick up the book “Potty” by Leslie Patricelli; it is a great read to your child’s book about going potty. They even have potty training dolls, I understand; it may be helpful if that is the way you think you need to go about it.

  • Never Rush nor Force Your Child to Stay on the Potty Chair

See if you can get your little one to sit on their potty (fully clothed). What you want to achieve is to help your child feel comfortable while sitting on the potty. Lead them on and help to make it a fun situation, and they do not have to know what is eventually going to happen here. Something that may interest your child long enough to keep them sitting is to have a small stack of books and magazines that will appeal to them. It’s alright to say things that will make your little one feel good about themselves when they do sit for a bit. However, it is never a good idea to force a child to stay on the potty chair just because they could not use the bathroom, or to associate punishment with potty training in any manner.

  • Let Your Child Get Used to the Potty with their Pants Up First

The goal is to make them feel comfortable and that they will be used to it, and that will make things happen more naturally for the child. Occasionally it would be alright to mention to them that it is ok for them to go pee in the potty like mommy and daddy do in the big potty.

  • Watch for signs that your child is going to need to defecate

As you observe your child throughout the day, you will notice when they need pooping by their actions, and this is the time to take a minute and discuss with them what is happening in a way that they understand; just keep in mind that they are on toddlers! Same thing, should you have a way to tell when they are going to pee-pee. Then take them into the bathroom but make them think you got to go. I think you can manage from there.


  • After Your Child Gets Used to the Potty Chair

The best way that I have found is to put his/her underwear on your child and just deal with having a wet diaper or a messy one occasionally until your child catches on! This does include having a load of underwear to wash out every night, but it will pass fast, and you will be glad you did it this way. 

After a while, you could keep a stack of underwear in the bathroom and let them decide for themselves when they want to put them on. Keep in mind, when they first start trying to put them on, they might be just a little backward or crooked. However, never make fun of them; instead of without them even knowing what you are doing, just casually fix their underwear.

  • Do Not Switch to Underwear Just Yet

Let your child gradually get used to the idea of wearing underwear like you and daddy. If you are patient, eventually they will want to wear big people’s kind of underwear.

  • Your Child Finally Uses the Potty Chair

When your child goes in the potty for the very first time, say something like, “Wow, now you are a big girl/boy.” You want them to feel good about themselves, yet you do not want them to get too big a head about it as this could give the child the idea that “I know that I can but do not want to,” it is something like the tantrums!  

  • There Will Be Accidents

Anytime your child has an accident, do not show signs of frustration as this will make them feel like they did not good enough. Instead, grab some TP and clean it up while still talking with your child (sort of like it never happen), and do not forget to sanitize the area (keep a spray bottle filled with the cleaning solution of your choice and a rag for this on hand).