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The First Tooth Fairy Visit: How to Make It More Magical 

One of the essential milestones in childhood is losing one’s first tooth, and these days, there are many creative options beyond the traditional teeth-for-cash swap. Listed below are some of the most impressive things a tooth fairy can do on their first visit.

We’ve all been there: Your child has a wiggly tooth, and you have to wiggle it out to get that sweet, sweet money from the tooth fairy.

Children look forward to the tooth fairy’s visits, and you want to make them extra special. Kids will only be able to get a limited number of them.

Would it be possible to make it even more magical? Check out these fun tooth fairy ideas that we gathered from the internet – and keep checking back often, so you’re always up-to-date.

Tiny clues

You can leave your child tiny clues by leaving tiny little glittery footprints made with a barbie shoe all over your child’s room. You can even sprinkle some glitter on the window sill to help them keep their imagination going. 

Origami bills

Feel the magic of childhood by folding a bill into an airplane, a heart, or a turtle. If your folding skills are a little rusty, YouTube is chock full of easy tutorials. One of our favorite dollars is the one shaped like a tooth.

Tooth receipts

A nostalgic trip down memory lane one day will make marking the occasion of losing baby teeth a joyful occasion for parents and their kids alike. You can download hundreds of free printables that can be found on Pinterest. You will want to be sure that you include the name of the child, their age, and then rate the tooth such as poor, excellent, good on the tooth fairy receipt. 

Report card for the teeth

It’s a fun way to include something easy to create for the memory books along with the tooth receipt. The color, cleanliness, density, and more of your child’s teeth can all be graded!

A tiny note

A great way to help bring out the magic of the tooth fairy is to write on a tiny piece of paper. A tooth fairy has tiny hands, so the letter needs to be tiny. Here’s where the tiny letter comes in. Create a particular letter, about the size of a Post-It note, for the tooth fairy. A dental floss bow can be tied to it when it is rolled up.

A chocolate coin

Some kids are more excited by something tangible than by money. You can give them both a chocolate coin and a regular coin together.

Certificate of bravery

The loss of a tooth is fun and exciting for children, but it can also be painful and traumatic for them. That’s why a bravery certificate comes in handy – to remind your child that although it was scary, he/she still did great! Free printables can be found on Pinterest 0or you can create one yourself.

A wishing stone

Kids will love to collect clear or colored stones from the tooth fairy’s workshop (found at any craft store). Make a wish with them after they go to bed at night. Please encourage them to start a new bedtime tradition.

The fairy check

Your child will appreciate the extra attention he or she will receive if the tooth fairy presents a check. It could be redeemable for something else, such as an ice cream cone from the ice cream shop or a movie trip.

Do more than just leave money behind

Are you concerned that your child is neglecting their big-kid chompers? If you want some tooth care, ask the tooth fairy instead. If you want, you can even include a packet of care instructions from the tooth fairy herself along with a small tube of your child’s own toothpaste and a new toothbrush instead of money!

Get it certified by the tooth fairy

It is unlikely your child will question the tooth fairy’s funding source if she or he gives them a receipt. Give the child’s name, number of teeth, quality of tooth, date of collection, and amount of payment. This can help to keep your kids motivated about oral hygiene, and all you have to do is leave them more money for a healthier tooth.

Make it convincing

The tooth fairy will leave your kid cash under the pillow, but how can you be sure it is real? If you spritz it with glitter hairspray (you can find it pretty much anywhere that sells party goods), your kid won’t be able to deny his Lincoln’s been dusted with magic.

Professionalize it

The tooth box you make for your child can be a cozy place to keep his/her tooth. Painting an old dental floss container is a great way to recycle. Placing your child’s tooth under his or her pillow will help him or her sleep better. The tooth fairy will find it easier to find the tooth by doing this, and things will seem a bit more professional.

Light the way for the tooth fairy

Does your child fear that she will not be able to find your house when the tooth fairy arrives? If you have a kid who loves glitter, but just a tad bit of glitter on the window, or you can sprinkle it in the front yard if it is non-toxic for animals.  So your child knows they won’t be missed, show them that the light illuminates when the headlights pass.