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Prepare for the Coming School Year!

The new school year is almost here! Whether you are looking forward to it or not, it is all the things that must take place that is sometimes too many of us that so stressful. It is the little ones that will be away from home all day for the first time and those that will be going to a new school who must make a huge transition. 

These are the children that must deal with the most adjustments; remember, beginning in a higher grade will also bring about the hectic demands of a different kind of schoolwork. There is more to it than just a new teacher, but also their social circle has changed too. 

The following are things you can do that might help your parents stress less: After giving it a little forethought, coming up with a plan, and some preparation for this coming school year, you should be ready to enjoy what is left of this summer! You will see, it will help you more than you might think with the first few weeks of school-going smoothly.

This Is How to Do it:

Familiarize Your Child with the New School

We would feel better if our kid(s) are at the same school the following year, for there are many great benefits that come from that, such as being able to know other kid(s) leaves hope in being able to continue being friends. Also, you are used to the current school too and would not stress as much.

If your child went to this school last year, wonderful! This means that you will just need to give your child a pep talk, just go over the things that may be a little different this year than it was last year due to grade level being higher.

Such As:

  • “Wow, my little one in first grade, now that is something. This means that you will be able to go to the school’s lunchroom with the other children, and you will be playing on the playground you have been asking about the last few years.”
  • Each day when you get home from school, there is going to be homework just like the big kids.
  • We will need to practice crossing the street with and without streetlights, just to be on the safe side now that you will be walking to school by yourself.

On the other hand, if it is your child’s first time at this school, you will be wanting to visit the school several times prior to it starting for the year. Regardless of the orientation the school gives, you should take your child and get them acquainted with the teacher and other things ahead of time. 

Getting access to the school’s playground can be a big help in bonding your child with the school. 

When you get into the school, be sure to show your child things like the bathrooms, classrooms, and the library. Of course, you will probably come across the office first, in which case you will have the opportunity to introduce your little one to its staff and explain that she will be a new student this year.

Remember, the more your child gets to see the new school, the less pressure it is going to be on them when the first day of school gets here!

If They Have Orientations – Take Advantage of That

Most schools would like for parents to bring their child/children to the school for an orientation session prior to its opening for regular classes, especially the lower grades. Some schools do not do this. If your child’s new school does not have orientations before the school year starts, you can call the school and ask about bringing your child in to meet the teacher(s) and about visiting each day until it does start.

Although this is the time of year for teachers to be preparing their materials and the classrooms, A teacher that has been doing this for a period will be more than happy for a parent to bring their child in to meet them, as the teacher knows it will pay off in the long run by making things go more smoothly (even smoother if all parents would do this). This will help the child to feel more comfortable, and this will create an environment the child where the child is going to be able to learn better.

Make Certain That Your Child Gets Introduced to the Other Students

A new teacher can sometimes be scary. However, if the new child gets to know some of the other students in their class, it helps to take the pressure of a new teacher less intimidating. You, as their parent, can make this happen by getting to know a few of your neighbors (the ones that have children around the same age as yours).  

There are some schools that have parent meet parent’s day to give all children the opportunity of getting to know other students prior to the first day of school. If your child is a new student or not, a parent can find out who the other kids in their class are and let them all get together for a meet and activities. This lets the children reconnect; this is especially good for those that have not been able to see any of their last mates since last year.

Deciding for your kid(s) to travel with another child they know or even just met can take away any stress.

Be Sure to Let Your Child help in Selecting the School Supplies They Need!

If there is anything your child needs to purchase (as far as supplies go) for the school year, it would be a good time to give them the opportunity of deciding. So, you should take them with you when getting the supplies they need and let your child choose the ones they want. This will help make them feel more in control when it comes to making decisions.