3 Frustration-Free Ways to Help Your Children Learn to Tie Shoes

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At some point, every parent needs to face the hard truth: Kids can’t wear Velcro shoes and slip-ons for their entire lives. At some point, they will have to learn how to tie their shoelaces. Don’t worry, though, you have a huge advantage over your parents and everyone who came before you. It’s called the internet. So, read on to learn some frustration-free ways to help your children learn to tie shoes. 

1. Every Child is Different

The first thing that you need to remember is that every child learns in different ways. Some will be able to listen to your directions and mimic them. Others need to perform the motions before they get the hang of the process. So the key to easily helping your children learn to tie shoes is to determine what methods are going to work best for them. 

2. There’s More Than One Way to Tie a Shoe

Just as there are different methods to teach, there are different methods to tie a shoe. Your child may respond to your technique, or they may catch on to another method. YouTube is full of tutorials that can show you and your child the various methods. This video claims that it is the easiest way to teach your kids how to tie their shoes. You may find that is effective for your child or maybe your child will respond to this technique.

The important takeaway is that you can use the modern methods that are available to you as a tool in your shoe tying “toolbox.” There are children’s books that can help and even toys that can help your child learn to tie shoes. You can also make your own teaching toy craft

3. Patience, Patience, Patience

Here is something that you probably already know: raising children takes more patience than you ever thought you had. Children develop at different rates. Shoe tying takes fine motor skills that children may develop at different times. If your child hasn’t developed the necessary skills yet, it can be difficult or impossible to get through to them. In this case, you should continue teaching slowly and know that your efforts will pay off later. 

If helping your children learn to tie shoes has your hair turning gray, take solace in the fact that we’ve all been there. Take a step back, realize that your herculean efforts only signify that you care, and develop a strategy that utilizes all the tools available to you. Before you know it, your child will be tying their shoes with pride

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