5 Time Management Tips for the Busy Parent


As a parent on the go, your daily schedule is probably one that is constantly booked throughout the year. Although you feel as if you have everything under control, there are times when you get off course. Not to mention, there is never time for yourself to really do fun activities just for yourself or with your children. Fortunately, with a few time management tips, you can stay on track, eliminate stress, and spend quality family time.

Set a Routine

Routines are crucial when it comes to time management; it will save you from mental anxiety and stress. Create a routine and stick to it every day. Schedule when you get up, take a shower, dress, cook breakfast, and get the kids off to school. You may even need to schedule a time to get romantic with your partner. If it is something you have to do, fit it into your scheduled routine. Once you fall into the rhythm of a routine, your life will operate smoothly.

Get Organized

Create a calendar or program your phone to keep track of specific times and dates. Getting organized helps keep track of your daily events, eliminates forgotten appointments, missed school field trips, and anything else you need help remembering.


It gets tiresome and old pretty quickly trying to be a super parent. Delegate some of the household responsibilities to your children, or other members of the household. Even toddlers can help put their toys away. Always break chores into simple tasks, and give rewards periodically for helping out.

Multitask – only when you really have to

Gone are the days of multitasking just to get everything done. Only multitask when it is absolutely necessary. Always try to kill two birds with one stone – so to speak. For example, prepare dinner and quiz your child on a scheduled test. Or, walk the dog while you exercise outside. When you multitask it should benefit you and hopefully, put some sanity back in your life. The minute you feel overwhelmed when doing too many things at once, it’s time to stop.

Just say no

It can be difficult to tell the people you love and care about, no. However, to stay sane and not feeling overworked, learn when to say no. As parents, it is easy to give in to the requests of children; sometimes, it’s to stop the whining or the pleading. During this time, you will need to decide whether the requests being made of you are necessary. Most importantly, take care of yourself by eating healthy meals, exercising, and getting proper rest. To find out more about Time Management Tips and other parenting methods, read on.