3 Ways to Help Children Embrace the Joys of Giving During the Holidays


All children love the holidays because it means getting lots of toys or other items they’ve been wanting. But many parents wish they could help their children embrace the joys of giving during the holiday season, too. So, if you’re not sure where to start, here are three ways to help your children embrace the joys of giving during the holidays. 

1. Donate Your Gently Used Items

Just before Christmas, have your children fill a small basket or bag of older toys and items they no longer use. Make sure the items are clean and intact. Or, you can purchase a couple of new toys or other things. Donate the items that your child chooses to a local charity or needy family. Allow your child to come with you when making the donation. Explain to them that the toys and items will go to a child who may not be getting much for Christmas.

2. Give Your Kids a Budget

Allow your children a small budget specifically for purchasing gifts for the most important people in their lives. This can be as little as $1 to $5 in a children’s immediate family. The point isn’t how much money they spend, but rather, to get your children excited about giving to others. When their loved ones open the gifts the children picked for them, they’ll be as happy as when they open their own gifts. At the same time, your kids will learn about money and how to budget. 

3. Read and Learn About the Joys of Giving

Reading books that focus on the joys of giving during the holiday season can help children understand the concept. Incorporate these books into your bedtime or family time routine. There are plenty of books focused around the joy of giving during the holiday season on Amazon, or you can check out your local bookstore for options.

There are also lots of movies that feature the joys of giving during the holiday season. So, grab the popcorn and let your children pick a movie that portrays giving during the Christmas season. 

The three ways listed above can help your children embrace the joys of giving during the holiday. Starting when your children are young is the best way to guarantee these traditions stick.