4 Tips to Help Your Child Become More Independent


As your little one begins to grow, it is important they be given more responsibility. The goal is to see them transition from being completely dependent on you to being a totally independent flourishing individual. There are a lot you can do to help your child reach their age-appropriate goals. Here are 4 amazing parenting tips to help you help your child become more independent.

Create a Task List

Make a list of age-appropriate tasks your child should be able to do on their own. If you are unsure of what your child should be doing at a certain age, talk with your child’s pediatrician or do research. There are numerous great books available in the library as well as reading material online. Discuss with your child about the things they feel comfortable doing. For the tasks your child get frustrated doing, work with them until they feel more confident.

Develop a Daily Routine

Children need structure as well as a daily routine to handle their responsibilities. Depending upon how long it takes your child to complete a task, you may have to adjust your schedule to help them. The more your child continues to practice the easier it will become to them.

Praise for Goal Achievements

Everyone enjoys receiving praises for difficult tasks, this is also true for young children. Praise your child when you see them doing something on their own, especially if it was a task you helped them do up until that point. It is easy for a child to become frustrated and give up, but keep on giving them praise and encouragement, even when you see them struggling.

Don’t Stress About Perfection

No one is perfect. You might have to remember this on occasions when mishaps happen. Instead of being negative or yelling, when things such as juice is spilled on the floor, or the toilet overflowing with too much toilet paper, just show them the correct way to do the task. Explain to them tomorrow is a new day, and you have faith they will do it better the next time. With encouragement and guidance from you, very soon they will be problem-solving and tackling new situations on their own. Start here with these 4 tips to help your child become more independent.