5 Ideas for Enjoying More Quality Time with Your Child

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Whether you have one child or several, spending quality time with them individually is vital to their emotional well-being. Children thrive on having the sole attention of their parents, even if it’s for a short time. Today’s busy schedules make it imperative to spend more quality time together. So keep reading to get five fun ideas for parents and their kids.

1. Go on a Date

Schedule an ice cream date for dessert. Or, try a Saturday or Sunday morning donut date. Take your child out to dinner for a cheeseburger date. You get the idea, but by all means, put away the cell phone. Focus on your child by asking how their day went and how they are doing in school.

Let them pick the place as well as the subject of the conversation. Make it a special time by making it all about them. Even just once a month will give them a time in which to look forward. They grow up so fast, you will appreciate the memories you make.

2. Take a Walk

Just take a stroll. Children love our attention and even if it’s something as simple as a walk around the block or to the park, it’s a great way to spend quality time while also exercising. Stroll and soak in some conversation. Enjoy sharing some nice moments in the great outdoors.

3. Go on an Errand Run

If you’re pressed for time and have too many things on your schedule, take your child with you. For example, let them come along and help with grocery shopping. Take them to see how they do an oil change in the car. Call it an errand date and make it a special time with your child.

Some parents take a lesson in this by going on a milk run date. Even if you enlist your child in helping with the laundry, dishes or dusting, they’ll learn a valuable lesson in housecleaning. Never pass an opportunity for some quality time, even if it’s running out for a loaf of bread.

4. Discover a New Hobby

What is better than to discover a new hobby? It’s a perfect way to spend time with your child and teach them a new hobby along with the skills to finish it. Hobbies can include cooking, sewing, painting, building model cars or anything that sparks your child’s interest. It is an excellent way to start a project that will involve both of you to see it through completion.

5. Read a Book

Read together. Reading a book together is an enjoyable time, especially for a child. Choose a book they will enjoy, and take turns reading sections. It helps to strengthen their reading skills while they snuggle up next to you. It also creates memories that will last a lifetime. When they are older, read bigger books with chapters. The point is the quality of time you spend you’re your child.

Remember, it’s not the quantity of time but the quality time you spend with your child. The idea is to focus on them. That lets them know you love them and enjoy being with them. By focusing on your child, even for a short time, they will feel more important and that will build their self-esteem and self-confidence. And you’ll have lots of memories to cherish, so it’s a win-win for all.