3 of the Easiest Ways to Make Exercise Fun for Parents and Kids

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Too often, a parent’s fitness goals get left in the dust as more important things take over. Usually, caring for your children is the primary concern. But without reliable childcare, how are you supposed to get in your exercise time each day? The answer is actually quite simple. Involve the children, and make exercise fun. So, how can you do that? These three ways are a great place to start.

1. Have a Dance Party

Dancing is a great form of exercise, no matter what the weather, and you don’t have to be good at it to reap the benefits. Just throw on your favorite music and move your body the way the music makes you want to go. Take a cue from your children to make this exercise fun. They don’t care whether or not they’re good at dancing. And, they don’t hold themselves back from any way the music takes them. 

2. Play a Team Sport

Parents can play a team sport with their kids for a good hour or two of exercise. Any sport is good as long as you and your kids like it, such as soccer, softball, tennis or basketball. You may need to alter the game slightly to allow for fewer players, but some friendly competition is also a great time for family bonding.

3. Think Like a Child

Exercise doesn’t have to mean lifting weights and jogging. Instead, make exercise fun by thinking like a child. Playing a game of tag or hide and seek can give parents their day’s worth of cardio. Other great ideas include hopscotch, jump rope, or even just running around your local playground and allowing yourself to be a child for a moment. Not only will you be getting your exercise, but you’ll be spending quality time with your children at the same time. 

These three forms of exercise are both fun and involve your children in the process. This way, there is never an excuse to miss your exercise. Best of all, it wears the children out for bedtime in the process. So, discover your inner child and make exercise fun again. 

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