Husbands Share Their Wives Funny Pregnancy Pics


Without a doubt, pregnancy is the most trying time for a woman. Sorry men, you aren’t the one carrying a baby in your womb for nine months. Pregnancy comes with morning sickness, nausea, intense cravings, and dealing with your husband. Husbands are along for the ride right by your side throughout the whole pregnancy. While helping you through the pregnancy these husbands have captured some hilarious moments. Read on to see husbands share their wives funny pregnancy pics.

1. Pregnancy Pedicure, Courtesy of Dad

Every woman reaches that point in her pregnancy when her belly is too big to paint her own toes, shave her legs, and other simple things. This dad has come to save the day, ready to make sure his pregnant wife’s toenails are looking on point! This is the definition of love right here captured in a picture.

2. Buy Extra Food… Always

Pregnancy tip for husbands: don’t ever get caught on the wrong side of those hunger cravings without some food to satisfy them. You will be surprised how much food soon to be moms consume, it’s as if they are eating for two. This husband captures a picture-perfect hunger craving manifesting itself through a text message.

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