15 of the Most Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Clean with Kids

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When you have kids, it is challenging to maintain a clean home. But with some helpful hacks and a routine, you can keep the home tidy and organized while raising your family. You can also delegate tasks to your spouse and older kids to make things easier for you during the week. Here are 25 ways to keep your home clean with kids.

  1. Teach Your Kids to Keep Their Toys Organized

You won’t have to bear the burden of keeping up with your kid’s toys if you teach them how to look after their own things. Purchase some colored storage bins and place the toys in them by category. Put the board games in one bin, stuffed animals in another, and the dolls in the last bin.

Demonstrate how the kids need to put away their toys and have them practice a few times. Put a picture on each bin to help your children remember what goes where. Make a game out of things by setting a timer and rewarding the one who finishes first. Your kids will take pride in helping to keep your home clean. 

  1. Start Early in Teaching Kids How to Clean

Even toddlers can learn how to do cleaning tasks. Start early in teaching your children how to clean. They will learn to take pride in where they live. If you have little ones, show them how to wipe down the tables in the kitchen or put dishes in the dishwasher. Older kids can learn how to wash and fold clothes, mop and wash dishes.

Teach your teens to deep clean the bathroom, clean out the refrigerator, and organize the pantry. When the kids have great cleaning skills, it’ll be easier for you to keep your home clean. You’ll save time, too. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

  1. Create a Cleaning Schedule

It also helps to create a routine to keep your home clean on a consistent basis. You can download a cleaning schedule to print for your family. When you tackle certain tasks on each day of the week, there is less to do on the weekends. Also, offer rewards to the kids when they complete their daily chores.

  1. Clean as You Go

When cooking in the kitchen, you should clean as you go because it gives you less to do after dinnertime ends. While your pot roast is in the oven, wash the dishes and sweep the floors. You can also wipe down the counters and take out the trash. By multitasking, you can keep your home clean a lot easier. 

  1. Take Advantage of Nap Time and Bedtime

If you have an infant or toddler, use their nap times and bedtimes for cleaning your home. Don’t worry if your house looks average rather than perfect. As long as your house is clean and doesn’t look like the aftermath of a tornado, you’ll be all right.

  1. Keep the Laundry Pile Small

Depending on the size of your family, doing one load of laundry per week might not work for you. It might be better if you do the laundry three to four times a week. By doing this, you won’t have to spend your weekends or off days in the laundry room.

  1. Declutter Periodically

If you have an overload of stuff, it can be difficult to keep your home clean. So have each family member sort out all the items that they wish to toss, donate or sell online. The items you sell should be in good or excellent condition. You could even hold a family garage or yard sale. And by donating items to the needy, your kids will learn the valuable lesson of giving to others. 

  1. Wash Dishes at Night

Even if you’re worn out after dinner, you should wash the dishes at night because it makes the mornings go smoother. In addition, you’ll feel overwhelmed at the thought of washing the previous night’s dishes, as well as the breakfast dishes. While you prepare dinner, fill the sink or dish bin with warm soapy water. Add items to it as you go so they can soak, making washing a lot faster and easier, too.

  1. Wake Up Earlier in the Morning

If you can, wake up earlier than the rest of the family in the morning. This is helpful because you won’t have the distraction of constant requests from your kids and spouse while you’re trying to keep your home clean. Use this time to put in a load of laundry, dust the furniture, straighten up in the living room, and speed clean in the bathroom.

  1. Do Seasonal Deep Cleanings

You have your regular weekly cleaning routine, but it’s also a good idea to do seasonal deep cleanings throughout the year. Get the kids involved and put on some upbeat music to relieve the boredom. When you do a thorough deep cleaning of the home, it makes weekly and daily cleanings easier.

  1. Make the Beds Every Morning

When your bed is made every morning, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. You’ll also be more motivated to handle your other household chores. Teach your children how to make their beds, too. It only takes a few minutes, yet it makes the whole house look better.

  1. Send the Kids Outside

If you have older kids and need to spend a few hours on the house, bring some toys outside for them to play with while you clean up. This is helpful if you have a big job to do like rearrange furniture, organize the refrigerator or use products that give off unpleasant odors, such as oven cleaner.

  1. Have an Unending Supply of Cleaning Products

It’s no fun to get started with housework and find out that you’re out of certain cleaning products. If there are certain cleaning supplies that you use on a regular basis, stock up on them in the event that you can’t make it to the store for the next few days.

  1. Rotate Toys

To get a handle on the toy clutter, rotate your kid’s toys by putting away the ones they’re not playing with at the moment. When they get bored with their current toys, bring out the ones you put away. Store the current toys for later. Not only will you not have to buy new toys all the time, but it will also be easier to keep your home clean, too.

  1. Buy Some Mess-Free Craft Supplies

Mess-free craft and art supplies can help keep your home clean, even with kids. Purchase washable markers and a dry-erase board, along with some microfiber cloths. Turn bathtime into a mini water park by letting your child blow bubbles in the bath.

With kids and a busy family life, your home may not be perfectly clean, and that’s okay. If you have an organized space that is functional for the whole family, that is all that matters. Be grateful for your children, family and home. Remember, someday the kids will be grown up and gone and you’ll have plenty of time to keep your home clean.

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