How to Keep Kids Active When the Weather is Bad

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Whether it’s rain or snow, long periods of bad weather can leave kids and parent’s feelings restless and cooped up. Instead of relying on screen time alone to get through the seemingly endless days, here are a few fun ways to keep kids active, entertained and burning energy while stuck inside, get everyone working together, and stop the bad attitudes before they even start.

Have a Dance Party

Pick out some great music, whatever your family likes to listen to. Turn it up louder than usual and let the kids bust out some moves. Dancing is actually a great workout and can burn up a lot of that extra energy kids have when cooped up inside for too long. Plus, it’s fun and a great bonding experience that keeps you and the kids active.

Practice Yoga Together

There are tons of great Yoga instructors on YouTube. Take a few minutes to find one who offers introductory or beginner sessions and pop it on the TV. Clear a space on the floor, lay down some mats or towels, and get started. Yoga takes a lot of energy but can also be very calming and centering. When things have just gotten out of control and everyone needs to burn off some excess energy and those feelings of restlessness, Yoga is a great outlet and way to keep kids active.

Set Up Some Indoor Sports

This all depends on the layout of your home but if you have a hallway or open basement or a large room, let the kids get out some softer balls or balloons and let them play. Indoor soccer is great in a hallway or basement. Balloon volleyball or keeping the balloons from falling on the floor can be great in open spaces without breakable. Open basements can be great for scooters or roller skates. Or set up an empty bucket or bin and let the kids practice their basketball skills. These are all dependent on the space you have but balloons are soft and light and a lot of fun for kids. Just remember to watch out for sharp corners the kids can run into. Just work with what you’ve got.

Make an Obstacle Course or Maze

Kids love these types of activities and while making one can be somewhat time-consuming, it’s also part of the fun. Let the kids know the rooms and items they can use, grab them some blankets and pillows, and let them set something up themselves. Then time them and see how fast they can get through it. Let them jump from one pillow to the next, pretend some string is a tightrope, somersault from one obstacle to the next, etc. Almost anything you can think of can become a fun obstacle for kids. Make sure it’s safe and age-appropriate and this could keep them entertained for hours and worn out when they’re done.

Bundle Them Up and Send Them Outside Anyway

If you’re home and there’s nothing else to do, bundle the kids up and send them outside anyway. Kids love playing in the snow and rain and puddles and mud. And while it can be hard as a parent to watch kids making messes you know you’ll have to clean up later, sometimes it’s just worth it. The clothes can be washed and the floor mopped up but kids will remember times like this for a long time. And when they’re done, throw them in the shower and give them some hot chocolate. They’ll think it’s the best day ever.