5 Tips to Help you Prepare for Labor and Birth

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As excited as you are about seeing your baby for the first time, you may not be enthusiastic about what precedes it. It is normal to worry about labor and delivery when you are pregnant. However, this is not going to help you in any way.

Instead, focus your energy on preparing yourself for this phase with these 5 tips to help you prepare for labor and birth, so it will be more manageable.

Soon to be mom and dad holding the moms pregnant belly.
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Learn About the Process

Read books or watch videos on pregnancy and childbirth, so you know what to expect when it is time. Attending a childbirth class is a great idea, you will learn not just about the delivery, but also the stages of labor, pain management, different delivery options, and what to expect after birth.

Although you cannot predict how your labor will progress, this information will help you actively participate in your birth and prepare you for any surprises.

Stay Optimistic

Many first-time moms become worried when they hear frightening stories from friends and relatives who have already experienced childbirth. This negativity will only make your labor stressful. So, avoid such uncomfortable discussions and only discuss the topic with women who can uplift your spirits.

Remember that labor is just a brief phase. Rather than dwell on the worrisome aspects, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and focus on happy thoughts, like seeing and holding your baby, when you get through it.

Learn and Practice Pain Management Techniques

There are many methods that have helped women cope better with labor pain. Rather than pull out your pregnancy help-book when you are just days away from your due date, prepare in advance. Get the go-ahead from your medical practitioner, and start exercises like squats that will help with delivery.

Practice breathing techniques and childbirth positions, as well as your Lamaze exercises, so you already know what to do, when in labor.

Little baby hand holding a parents finger.
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Prepare for the Baby’s Arrival

Give in to your nesting instinct, and get your family and home ready for your baby. Start early, so you don’t overwhelm yourself with too much work closer to the delivery.

Finish off tasks like deep cleaning your home, getting all the baby gear, packing the hospital bag, and stocking up on essentials. If you have an older child or pet, you should make arrangements for their care and prepare them for what to expect while you are in the hospital.

Get Enough Rest

Labor, childbirth, and after-delivery care is physically and emotionally tiring. So, build up your energy reserves before you go into labor. Get sufficient sleep and plenty of rest during the weeks leading up to the birthing.

Reduce your activity levels, and take on only what you can comfortably cope with and relax as much as you can before your delivery, as this will help you tackle the sleepless nights after baby’s arrival.

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