How to Handle Your Toddlers Fears and Anxieties

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Anxiety and fear are a normal part of your child’s development. There are many situations or factors that can cause your toddler to feel frightened or anxious.

As they begin to understand the world around them, they learn that things can go wrong or become unpleasant; this can be a direct cause of their anxiety and fears.

Most of these worries are short-lived, and children outgrow them. But while it lasts, your child will be able to handle it better when you support them. So, let us try to understand it better by taking a closer look at the common reasons for toddler anxiety and fears.

Little girl covering face with hands.
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Different Types of Anxiety and Fears in Toddlers

A certain amount of anxiety and fear is usual and even necessary in children. Unfamiliar situations can make a child uneasy, and some things may frighten them and cause strong reactions. The most common causes of toddler anxiety are:

Separation Anxiety

Your child may become worried and distressed when you leave them with someone else; this is because they believe you may not return.

Social Anxiety

Your child may be frightened by new faces and refuse to interact with unfamiliar people. They may feel uncomfortable in new places or situations and react strongly in reaction.


Toddlers are easily frightened by loud noises, stressful situations, and unexpected or unpleasant changes. They may also develop phobias or fears of things like the dark, lightning, injury, or specific animals.

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