How to Protect Your Kids From Predators and Keep Them Safe

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The thought of losing your child can be terrifying; however, in today’s world, every child is vulnerable to this possibility. Thousands of children around the world go missing every year. In the U.S alone, there are more than 2000 missing-child reports every day. Sadly, of the many children who go missing, it isn’t often that the authorities find and reunite them with their parents. So here are some ways to protect your kids and arm them with the tools to keep them safe. 

Discuss and Reinforce Stranger Danger With Your Kids

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Teach your children to never trust strangers. Discuss the basics, such as:

  • Never accept anything from a stranger.
  • Never go with adults they don’t know, no matter what they say.
  • Tell you promptly if someone makes them uncomfortable.

Warn them of danger signs and reinforce the concept of stranger danger on a regular basis. You want them to keep alert about this at all times. Your child should also know your contact number and address in case of an emergency.

Teach Your Child What to Do If They Get Lost

Give your child clear instructions on what they should do if they are unable to find you. Tell them to ask a store cashier or security for help. When you visit crowded places like the mall, dress them in bright colors and make sure they know what you are wearing.

Designate a specific area to wait in case they get lost. Always be alert and supervise your child’s movements in a public place to avoid untoward incidents.

Train Your Child to Always Ask You for Permission

Whether it is to visit a friend or explore a different area of a park, make sure your children always ask you for permission first. This will help you know where they are. Also, encourage them to always stay in groups. They should know it is important to inform you or another trusted adult if someone follows them, threatens them, or poses a danger.

Build a Close Connection

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Let your children know that they can trust you, and you will always be there to support them. Build a relationship where they will not hesitate to share their concerns with you. Know their friends, be involved in their activities and be sensitive to changes in their behavior. Be their safety net, and they will not be lured away by strangers.

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