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Babies fall sick easily, as their immune systems are just maturing it causes them to be more vulnerable to germs in the environment. While you must consult your baby’s doctor for any illness that warrants medical attention, you can also turn to traditional home remedies to handle minor sickness and injuries at home.

These remedies can also be used to relieve uncomfortable symptoms, even while your baby is on medication to overcome the illness.

Let us take a look at some remedies that are effective in treating common ailments in children.

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1. Stuffy Nose

Nasal congestion is common in babies suffering from cold and flu. It makes them unable to feed or sleep properly and can be very uncomfortable for them.

Steam helps relieve the symptoms, as it breaks up the mucus that causes stuffy noses. Fill the bathroom tub with hot water and sit in the steamy room with your baby for ten minutes, or give him a warm bath to get rid of the congestion.

Homemade saline solution with half teaspoon salt in 8 ounces water, is also helpful. Simply allow the solution to drip into your baby’s nose, lay them down for a few minutes and then use an aspirator to remove the loosened mucus.

2. Cool a fever down

If your baby has a high fever, sponge them with warm water to bring down the temperature. Avoid cold water as it can shock the child.

You can also bring down the temperature by placing them beside a fan, dress them in light clothes, and give plenty of fluids and chilled foods to reduce the temperature from the inside.

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3. Cough

Steam helps to relieve chest congestion in babies. Run a vaporizer with few drops of essential oil like eucalyptus or rosemary. Or give them a warm steamy bath to open up the chest and soothe the cough.

4. Gastric problems

Babies with vomiting and stomach upsets should be hydrated with clear liquids every few minutes.

Chamomile compresses, made by soaking a cotton cloth in warm chamomile infusions, can be placed on the sore tummy to soothe it. A hot water bottle can also comfort tummy aches. If your baby is suffering from gas, massage the baby’s abdomen with mustard oil or apply a solution of asafoetida and water around his navel area, to help them.

A remedy for constipation is to add hydrated prunes to the baby’s diet. Prunes contain Sorbitol which has a mild laxative effect and is safe for an infant.

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5. Ear aches

Ear infections follow colds and cause earache and discomfort in babies. Placing a warm compress on the child’s ear can relieve them of the pain.

You can also massage the outside of the ear, jaw area, and the neck in a downward motion with diluted essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree, or lavender to improve circulation and drainage and relieve earache.

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