Six Tips on Buying Young Children’s Shoes

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Your child’s shoes should not only be the right size and fit, but it should also protect your his feet and function efficiently. Hence, shoe shopping shouldn’t be done in a hurry.

The following tips will help you pick a pair of shoes that satisfy these essential criteria.

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1. Determine the Right Size Using the Correct Method

Your child may not like to stand still to be measured directly. So, trace the outline of their feet on a piece of paper and use this to identify the right size.

Measure the maximum length from the edge of the heel to the end of his longest toe. Compare this length with standard shoe measurement charts to determine the correct shoe size.

2. Pay Attention to the Sole

Textured soles are ideal for young children, as it supports their feet. The sole should be flexible to support the proper development of bones in the child’s feet. For outdoor activities, shoes with stiff soles are good, while soft and flexible soles are better suited for indoor use.

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3. Choose Breathable Material

Breathable materials like canvas, cloth, or leather allow air circulation; this is an important factor to consider as breathable shoes will keep the child’s feet comfortable if he has to wear it for hours at a time.

Having shoes that can breathe is also good for preventing any bad odors.

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