Ten Skills Your First Grader Should Have

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Your child(ren) transitioning from kindergarten to the first grade is a significant milestone in their life. Although every child is unique in their capabilities at different ages, there are certain physical, social, cognitive, and emotional milestones that every child should achieve before they begin first grade.

While some may be better in some things than others, you should continue to work on everything with them so that they can be on firm ground before hitting higher levels in their school life

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1. Speak in a Sentence

Your child(ren) should be able to speak in grammatically correct sentences. They should be able to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs through coherent words and sentences by this stage.

It doesn’t have to be entirely flawless speech, but adults and children alike should be able to understand what your child wants to get across.

2. Recognize and Write the Alphabet

By the time they complete kindergarten, your child(ren) should be able to recognize lower and upper case letters. They should be able to write them legibly.

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3. Preparedness for Reading

The ability to match letters and words to sounds is the first step to independent reading, and your child(ren) should be able to do this. They should also understand the sequence of events in simple stories and understand the messages conveyed through them.

Read with your child(ren) often and make sure to allow them to take the time to understand the meaning behind a story on their own with little to no help.

4. Counting Skills

Your child(ren) should be adept at basic counting, understand grouping and sequencing, and be able to compare the number of objects in different groups.

5. Understanding Basic Mathematical Concepts

Your child(ren) should have a fundamental understanding of mathematical concepts like measurement, shapes, calendar, time, and patterns.

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